3M炫彩膜Dichroic galss film Df-chill




3M炫彩膜Dichroic glass finish film 呈现出紫色、粉红色、黄色、金色、蓝色、橙色等彩色效果,透光透视,随着不同角度变化,可以看到不同角度对应的颜色,这种七彩膜的效果在阳光照射下反射出绚丽多彩的视觉效果。下面的视频可以看到这样的效果:








Product Description

3M™ Dichroic Glass Finish DF-PA (the “Product”) offers a way to create unique, everchangingcolor to many interior building surfaces. Influenced by the color of the substrate, this transparentProduct provides a dichroic color effect, meaning it appears to change color when viewed at variousangles. The “Blaze” Product shift colors in the warm tones of cyan/blue/magenta and red/gold color regions of the spectrum. The “Chill” Product shift colors in the cool tones of blue/magenta/yellow and gold/blue color regions of the spectrum. The Product has a clear, pressuresensitiveadhesive that can be applied to glass and many plastics. A hard-coated, protective surfacelayer helps resist scratching during normal use.

Suitable Uses

Product is suitable for interior application surfaces, such as interior facing glass conference roomwalls and interior perimeter glass, in addition to many plastic surfaces.

Unsuitable Uses

Print applications must be customer tested and approved - printing not recommended.

• Application to non-smooth surfaces, such as those with frosted or textured finishes

• Application to a colored or printed substrate that could either impede good adhesive "wet out"during installation, or affect the installed appearance of the Product in an unacceptable manner.